Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cake auction

So these are a few ideas I found. My cake was the bomb.com last scout cake auction. It was one of the ones that went for the most money because it was a pirate cake with pirate booty. The boys all loved it. I have to start thinking about it now...it's only a few weeks away.

It's really important that my cake is the COOLEST! So, help me decide & give me some ideas!!

P.S. I like the pool party but i don't think that 9 year old boys will dig the teddy grahms to much:)
P.P.S. Ashlynn, how do you do frosting like that on the superhero cake? Is that culinary school or what?


[BrookeO] said...

Transformers -

ashlynn said...

Good ideas - and I like Brooke's too! There is biking, skateboarding, legos, candy!

The super hero cakes are fondant - they are real deal decorater cakes. You could try wil regular frosting though, you are welcome to use all my tools.

Erica said...

No, I looked at that super hero cake again & there's no way I could pull that off.

Ash, where do you get that candy?

Maegan said...

Those cakes are so cute. Josh and I make our kids birthday cakes each year but they look nothing as good as those- they put ours to shame :) I've asked about that poster board thing but I am having no luck, i'll still ask around.

LoGunns said...


this may be the pirate cake you made last year, but if not...

Erica said...

I did shoot for that one Danika....but it was a little more simple than that!

It was awesome cuz I put toys & candy on it. That always gets the kids!!!